Architectural Design Studio

Why our Design?

We are a true “in-house” design/build team.

  • Over 50 years combined experience in each area of expertise including registered architects, construction management and construction management support personnel.
  • Our integrated team designs with the entire process in mind.
  • Our team works to understand your needs, prioritize your desires and create the home that inspires you.

We are uniquely positioned to take you from ideas to lasting memories.

Our Expertise

Wedgewood Architectural Design Studio combines:

  • Creativity and Style.
  • Scale and Livability.
  • Holistic View and Constructability.

All beautifully orchestrated under one roof.

Custom home designs

Rethinking the way YOU live

Creating spaces that:

  • Evolve as you do.
  • Multitask just as you do.
  • Are formal when you are and relaxed… when you do.

Rethinking… the way you do.

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