We listen. You love.

It’s not the homes we build that make us unique. It’s the way we approach homebuilding.


We build in the choicest communities with the highest expectations of quality, functionality, price and building experience. Whether you’re downsizing, plus-sizing or simply relocating, a new home means a changing lifestyle. We eliminate all the stress using a collaborative process that is all about your goals for living.


Meet our team

We are really in the people business. That’s why we believe communication and transparency are important to an enjoyable homebuilding experience. We know you have choices. We’ll keep you informed, and we’ll stay engaged.

Gary L. McNutt
Bradley W. Love
Jeffrey A. Myers
AIA Architect, NCARB, Custom Home Sales
Christina Templeton
Broker, Custom Home Sales
Greg Cradick
AIA Architect
Jaclyn Hanson
Architect, AIA, LEED AP Homes
Lisa Baker
AIA Architect
Tina Dahl
Design Studio Manager
Scott Huston
BIM Manager
Dustin Bayer
BIM Designer
Darryl Wentz
Field Operations
Kyle Christians
Chris Thompson
Field Assistant
Samuel Gadbury
Assistant Builder
Alec Damer
Assistant Project Manager
Randy Henry
Director of Finance
Brandon Reider
Estimating & Purchasing
Paul Ahrendt
Purchasing Manager
Patti Ortwein
Accounts Payable Manager / Office Administrator
Paul Owen
Operations Manager
Wes McNutt
Field Assistant
Ryan Thompson
Field Assistant
Kyle Lewis
Operations Assistant
Evan Sharar
Service Manager

“You can accuse us of being cheerleaders now for Wedgewood. I’m really glad we worked with them.”